In today’s Europe there is a significant lack of gender equality in politics. The majority of European women still do not have equal opportunities due to social, financial and political factors.

Why this cause?

In this challenging time, in which there is a need for new ideas and different solutions, reaching for gender equality in politics is of great importance. At the moment women are generally shut out of power and control. There is also evidence women do not have equal opportunities in their structures, operations, methods and work. We feel gender equality is necessary in a modern democracy, especially in the difficult circumstances we face.

Therefore it is important the EU parliament and the CoEU will set a positive example in all their organizations and operations. Currently the CoEU and the EU parliament still do not seem to be aware that they should be a role model in these issues. This is an example of how the forums were organized in 2012: World Forum for Democracy. Most forums are male dominated in chairing and distributing information.

What do we want to achieve?

The goal is threefold. As mentioned above, women need to increase awareness for this topic. Secondly, with this initiative
we would like to inspire political leaders and parties to increase gender sensitivity across the political agenda of the Council of Europe. And finally, for newcomers but also current politicians, increase the focus on gender equality topics!
For inspiration take a look at the “Gender-Sensitive Parliaments” A Global Review of Good Practice report.

Why a journalistic contest?

Many crucial issues facing Europe are often overlooked or underrepresented by the media. Gender equality in politics is certainly one of them. The Journalistic Contest “Gender Equality in Politics” wants to approach and inspire political leaders and their parties to be aware of the importance of this topic.

Endorse us

We would like to invite organizations and individuals to support this initiative. With your support we can raise our voice and be heard.

The Jury

The contributions by all participants will be validated and a jury will elect the winner. The winner will be awarded with a momentum, while all nominees and the winner will be referred to on the website-platform and in the media.