Do you study journalism or did you start a journalistic career recently? Go ahead and enter the contest!

Maybe you are already familiar with topics relating to gender equality in politics.
You already know how important this is and want to explore it some more. Maybe this is an exciting new angle for you. Find out how much influence media attention can have on this topic!

How does it work?

The first thing you have to do is to find a suitable topic to explore.
We are looking for one of these two possible approaches:

1Your topic directly relates to the issue of gender equality in politics.

2Your topic is a social issue which shows why gender equality in politics is so important. In this case you need to make clear which influence the lack of gender equality has on your topic.


Send your article and the youtube url for your video to For the article we prefer PDF but sending in a Word document is also possible.


  • An article of 650-1000 words on your chosen topic
  • A summary of your article with a maximum of 150 words, meant for promotional purposes
  • A video on your chosen topic. It should have maximum duration of 15 minutes and should be made available on youtube
  • Your research has to include interviews with at least 4 decision makers or people who are influential otherwise, at least at national level, preferably at international level
  • The deadline is by 11:59 pm, 15th February 2016
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions

What we have to offer:

Every contestant who meets the terms & conditions gets a certificate which may be used in a curriculum vitae or be presented to a professor as proof of participation in this contest.

If you are elected as a nominee, your entry will be presented on this website. The website as such will be promoted to the media. As a nominee you also get a brief jury’s report. The winner will also get a memento.


What will the jury look for?

A complete entry that meets the requirements mentioned before.


  • Does the contribution show there is a comprehension of the subject?
  • Is it supported by factual evidence?
  • Does it meet the theme brief?
  • Does it show a clear and concise argumentation?

Writing skills:

  • Is it accessible for people who are not familiar with the subject?
  • Are the people and/or situations described vividly and in a way that appeals to the general public?
  • Is it grammatically correct?
  • Is it readable from a journalistic perspective; free from jargon and patronizing or sensationalist statements?

We highly appreciate your interest in this contest and we hope you enter the contest with an aim to make a difference. Join us in our passion to make Europe’s politics more equal!