Our aim

By inviting as many professionals as possible to write a feature and make a video about one of the many aspects of gender equality in politics we want to make clear why this is still an issue in a modern democracy such as Europe. The “Journalistic Contest, Gender Equality in Politics” would like to challenge European students, young journalists and professionals to get involved with the main decision makers on this topic at international level.

By creating online media exposure, the responsible politicians get a chance to explain why a modern democracy such as Europe is still predominantly managed by men and share their opinions about the effect this has on the society in general. We like to stimulate awareness for this topic within this group.

What will happen to contributions?

Every contribution will be validated, which will result in a shortlist of nominees. The jury will elect the winner from this shortlist. Every contribution on this shortlist will be presented to the media.


Yes, I agree! How can I help?

1If you are a student or a young journalist, go ahead and enter the competition! There are also numerous other ways to help us out and you don’t have to be a student or young journalist to do so.

2What about inspiring other people in your own network? Maybe you are the perfect endorser for us.

3It is also possible to make a donation. Do you want to know more? Please send us an email.