How to participate

If you are a student or starting journalist we would highly appreciate it if you’d decide to enter the contest. We believe the combined effort of all of you will create a statement that can’t pass unnoticed for those who are responsible for the lack of gender equality in politics. So join in and make a great entry. How?

Ofcourse there can be circumstances which make it impossible for you to take part. Maybe you are not a student or starting journalist. There may also be circumstances in your life that hinder you in taking part. Don’t worry! There are countless other ways in which you can help. Maybe you are planning to take part in the contest and willing to do more? Please take a look at some of our suggestions:

1Help us by using your network

Spread the word about us and share our passion about gender equality! There may be people around you who can participate or are able to make a difference. It would be a great help to us if you approach these people in your network. A simple e-mail or a post on one of the social networking sites will keep the ball rolling.


2Endorse us!

We invite organizations and individuals to support this initiative. With your support we can raise our voice and be heard.
The broader our backbone will be, the more attention we will have and the larger our influence can become. Please send us an email and tell us how you would like to support. Go to the Endorsers page.

3Make a donation

We don’t get any subsidy or grants from the government. This means we are able to maintain our independent position, which is important. We do depend on people like you though, to help fund the project. Would you like to make a donation? We would greatly appreciate that. Please send us an email and we will send you the details.

Pay attention to gender equality in politics

Our aim is to reach for gender equality in politics within the foreseeable future. This contest is only one of the many ways one can use to raise awareness for this subject. If you are in the position to have an influence on this topic in a different way, please (continue to) do so. If you feel we could mean something for each other, please get in touch with us. Thank you for sharing our passion.